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It's The Experience!


The science behind eWavez™  is based on Electrotherapy. Electrotherapy is a proven technique used to relieve pain in an injured or diseased part of the body. Devices enabling electrotherapy have been classified by the FDA as medical devices (both Class II and III) since 1976.

eWavez™  has been proven to deliver superior efficacy in patients treated compared to other medical devices delivering electrical stimulation. It mimics the principles of acupuncture and western and eastern medicine and uses the body's natural pathways, capillary beds and micro-vascular circulation to promote healing.

The body is a very complex organism comprised of proteins, chemicals, and electrical currents, interacting in numerous and intricate ways. Eastern medicine techniques including acupuncture have learned how to stimulate the body's mechanisms and to utilize the body's "flow" paths, to traverse the body and cause needed repairs. The science behind Enerchi Pro™ emulates properties of acupuncture to activate electrical stimulation on a broader scale to promote healing throughout the body.




NuEnerchi Management Team








Reduces or eliminates pain and reduces swelling

Stimulates and relaxes muscles and stimulates muscle tone

Increases elasticity of tendons and ligaments

Increases patients range of motion and mobility

Improves circulation and blood flow throughout body

Assists after training recovery and promotes the removal of toxins or lactic acids


Aids in the treatment of various injury types; sports and everyday living

Promotes tissue healing and connective tissue repair and rebuilding

Reduces tension in muscles, tendons and relaxes body for better sleep

Assists in pre and post-surgery by strengthening muscle, increasing blood flow, and removal of inflammation



Pre-warm up to loosen muscles and tendons, thus helps prevent injury

Increase flexibility and strength during warm-up and boosts body’s natural energy

Loosens muscles and tendons and increases blood and energy flow throughout the body

Reduces inflammation across body mass improving flexibility and performance

Enhances physiologic change at cellular level creating balance at all levels of the body

I’m always looking for cutting edge, science based tools and technology that can help my clients. Enerchi Pro is one of those tools.  I was introduced to it several years ago and upon using the product I knew immediately the benefit it would provide to my clients in terms of their ability to recover, get out of pain, and ultimately improve their performance.  I take mine with me everywhere I go.  I use it on my clients, I use it when I fly, I use it when I need a little shot of goodness. It’s one of the more versatile tools I use and so should you!


Industry Leading Performance Coach

Founder and Host of

World Class Performance Training


Trained World Champions, Olympic Medalists,

NFL and NHL All-Stars and MVPs


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