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NuEnerchi Inc. is a new generation Health Solutions Company.

The Enerchi Pro™ is a portable non-invasive low-current electrotherapy device. It is designed to help prevent injury, manage chronic pain, remove inflammation, accelerate healing, speed recovery, loosen muscles and increase range of motion, while improving performance and quality of life. The Enerchi Pro™ is being used by NBA, NFL, MLB and other professional leagues as well as college and high school athletes in addition to individuals. The Enerchi Pro™ has successfully aided in the healing and recovery from injuries including; ankles, feet, shoulder, knees, groin, back, hamstring, tennis elbow among other critical areas of the body.  The Enerchi Pro mimics the principles of acupuncture and western and eastern medicine using and accelerating the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Our product technology is based on proven, safe, effective, non-invasive micro-currents formulated to seek and resolve imbalance and blockage within the human body and promote natural healing and balance to the affected areas. This advanced and innovative technology leverages proven electrotherapy science to achieve higher efficacy in treatment outcomes. NuEnerchi™ is here to make such an advanced and effective product available to the extensive and growing pain management market. NuEnerchi™ will leverage these advances in technology and product design to help address the increasing $300B market and offer safer and more effective alternatives to many unnecessary drug therapies and invasive surgery and help reduce costs and improve the quality of care and quality life for all who suffer chronic pain.


NuEnerchi's™  vision, as a new generation health solutions company, is to use advanced technology to help improve human wellness and reduce injury. Our strategy includes developing multiple generations of products to address different segments of the population as well as specific ailments and injuries affecting the human body.

NuEnerchi™ will market the preeminent treatment device for preventive care, injury recovery, pain management, opioid addiction recovery and overall wellness for the sports, fitness and health and wellness industries.

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