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Founder and Host of World Class Performance Training, Industry Leading Performance Coach

"I’m always looking for cutting edge, science-based tools, and technology that can help my clients. The Enerchi Pro is one of those tools. I was introduced to it several years ago and upon using the product I knew immediately the benefit it would provide to my clients in terms of their ability to recover, get out of pain, and ultimately improve their performance.  I take mine with me everywhere I go. I use it on my clients, I use it when I fly, I use it when I need a little shot of goodness.  It’s one of the more versatile tools I use and so should you!"


Head Sports Massage Therapist for San Francisco 49ers & Golden State Warriors

"In working closely with many Athletic team Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Performance Coaches, Physicians, and Athlete Representatives since 2001. I have always prided myself on using the best equipment and technology to keep the athletes healthy and prepared to perform at their highest level. I have used the Enerchi Pro on many of my clients. The Enerchi Pro has made a significant difference in their training, performance, recovery, and success in their individual sports including the NFL and NBA. The Enerchi Pro is a must-have product."


Rn, PhN, Athletic Trainer, 8x Competitor for Team USA

"The Enerchi Pro is a completely new experience. I felt the increased blood flow to the area for several days after the treatment. I also experienced an increase in mobility and elimination of pain, which allowed me to train hard and push it. My sleep was improved as were activities of daily living. I believe that the Enerchi Pro device will help many people with pain, decreased mobility, and enhanced recovery needs. For an athlete, it’s a definitive experience.”


Director of Alumni at SF 49ers, 3x Super Bowl Champion, 5x Pro Bowler

"Being a NFL athlete for 13 years you quickly find out that the trainer is your best friend and come to rely on the equipment they use to get you back to full health. After having a treatment with the Enerchi Pro I can say that if I had this during my playing years I would’ve been able to recover quicker from the injuries that I suffered on a consistent basis. Although not playing I still find it beneficial in helping me with day-to-day pain management. The Enerchi Pro has found a way to really help me as my body begins to break down after all the years of playing in the trenches."


Chiropractor, Sports Physician

"As a licensed and certified Chiropractor for over 12 years, I have tried various products including TENS and Ultrasound devices on many of my clients including professional MLS, NFL, NBA and MLB players. I am so impressed with the Enerchi Pro device that I have decided to add this product to my daily practice when treating my clients. I highly endorse this product and am looking forward to sharing with my colleagues."


Retired NFL linebacker, Super Bowl XVI Champion

"After 13 years of playing professional football, and all of the injuries I have had, the Enerchi Pro treatment is the most remarkable treatment I have ever experienced. I suffered a foot injury that seemed to never get better. The Enerchi Pro treatments I have recently experienced worked immediately to stop the pain and discomfort on my feet. I amazingly experienced unexpected flexibility and comfort that I haven’t felt previously. What was more amazing to me is that the relief continued into the next few days. I want everyone of my age suffering from chronic pain to know relief is possible with Enerchi Pro. I highly recommend it to all!"


President and COO at Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center (Olympic Training Academy), Former Executive VP Business Operations for San Jose Sharks, NHL, Former Director Corporate Partnerships for Indiana Pacers, NBA

“Enerchi Pro applies science and technology in a non-invasive, non-intrusive pain relief and pain management product intended to speed up the healing process as well as improve the quality of life of its users. Enerchi Pro will prove great value to Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Athletic Trainers treating those suffering pain and soreness induced by athletic activity, injury, illness or aging. In some cases it may even aid in extending the careers of athletes, from football to futbol, basketball to baseball and beyond.”


Senior Business Consultant, Standford MBA

“Well in my 50s, I am actively competing in everything from baseball to boxing. As you can imagine, this level of activity comes at a price! My entire right side of my body, including my foot, knee and shoulder were in constant pain. During the first treatment I received with the Enerchi Pro, it felt as if the device knew exactly what problem areas to target and treat, it felt amazing! Overall, I felt relief immediately and as an added benefit, my sleep drastically improved.”


Director and Audit Committee Chair, eGain Corporation

“Neck pain has been a part of my life off and on since I did a stupid move at the gym and ended up with a disc in my neck that is slightly dislocated. I periodically get chiropractic help, massages, hydro pool therapy and many types of therapeutic modalities. The first time I used Enerchi Pro for just thirty minutes I felt an immediate relaxation of the neck and upper shoulder muscles in zero pain. I was very impressed and inquired as to how I might get a device so my massage therapist could use it for me and her other clients. To sum up the experience – it works!”

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